Golden's Bridge FD Offers Students Fire Safety Lessons (And Fun)
By Jeff Edwards, Patch Staff
October 10, 2021

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GOLDEN'S BRIDGE — Fire trucks, tools of the trade and smoke alarms replaced chalkboards and textbooks for the afternoon at Increase Miller Elementary School when firefighters from Golden's Bridge Fire Department took over from teachers to provide a lesson in fire safety.

The excitement was part of the GBFD's community outreach and education initiative during National Fire Prevention Week.

"Awareness and education are vital to fire prevention and safety — we make every effort to instill this message in children," Golden's Bridge Fire Chief Albert Melillo said of the GBFD's Oct. 7, visit to the elementary school, where Golden's Bridge firefighters set up an outdoor "classroom" in front of the school's main entrance. The outdoor learning space included fire trucks, a breathing apparatus and other tools to teach an important lesson that was as entertaining as it was informative.

With "Learn the Sounds of Fire Safety" the theme of this year's Oct. 3-9 National Fire Prevention Week, firefighters spoke to students about the importance of smoke and carbon monoxide alarms and an escape plan. The first responders helped to make the kids experts not only about the sounds the devices make, but how to respond to those cues.

"The sounds of smoke and carbon monoxide devices save lives," Melillo said. "Children should be informed on what to do if a CO or smoke alarm goes off in their house. We encourage students to talk to their parents and other adults in the household about checking batteries of carbon monoxide and smoke alarms, and mapping an escape plan with at least two exit routes and a meeting place outside the house."

As part of their presentation to the students, Golden's Bridge firefighters demonstrated the use of fire tools and gear, including the breathing apparatus worn by firefighters and the Jaws of Life used in vehicle extrication rescues.

"You should never hide from firefighters in a closet or under a bed. Don't be afraid of the mask they're wearing or the noise from the oxygen tank. That helps them breathe so they can rescue you from danger and bring you to safety," 28-year veteran firefighter Joseph Simoncini told the young students.

The Golden's Bridge Fire Department handed out backpacks that contained educational items to remind them of fire safety and prevention (along with a few fun items to add a little joy to the important lessons). The students took home fire safety activity booklets, flying disks, fire hats and new school supplies.

"We appreciate that Golden's Bridge firefighters take the time to visit our school during Fire Prevention Week and spend the day talking to our students about essential fire prevention and safety information," Principal Kerry Ford said. "The firefighters take a serious subject and present it in a way that engages our students. The children look forward to this event every year – and we believe that educating them about fire prevention, as well as actions that could potentially safeguard them in an emergency situation, is time well-invested."

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