Golden’s Bridge Engine Company #1 Officers for 2021-2022
By 1st. Lieutenant Raymond Baker Jr.
May 1, 2021

As of Today May 1st 2021, the Golden's Bridge Fire Department Engine Company 1 Officers are as follows:

It’s a mid-term year here at GBFD, so there is not many changes to report except for our Engine Officers who did some moving around.

Chief of the Department-Albert Melillo (Car 2141)
1st Assistant Chief - Dennis Delborgo (Car 2142)
2nd Assistant Chief - James McManus (Car 2143)
Captain - William Holze (Car 2144)
1st Lieutenant - Raymond Baker Jr. (Car 2145)
2nd Lieutenant - Douglas Orlovitz (Car 2146)
3rd Lieutenant - Tyler Dente (Car 2147)
Captain of Rescue - Michael Giannettino (Car 2148)
Lieutenant of Rescue -Gregory Ferrigno (Car 2149)
Captain of Fire Police-Richard Norbutt
Lieutenant of Fire Police- Leo Gustafson
Engineer-John Nevins

Senior Lieutenant Holze moves up to Captain. Lieutenant Baker Jr becomes the senior Lieutenant and Lieutenant Orlovitz moves up one Lieutenant spot. Outgoing Captain Dente is not going far as he moves down to a Lieutenant spot. We thank him for his hard work and dedication as Captain this past year!
Congratulations to The Officers Who Moved Up or Stayed in the Same Positions!